LDT Portfolio

A simple site to showcase some of my work in LDT. Built in a couple of hours using Foundation, Handlebars.js, and Less.


My master's project I did with Anna Ly to help children/adolescents with autism and ASD learn socio-emotional skills. For this project I had the opportunity to talk with several therapists, visit clinics and centers, storyboard/prototype various ideas, and do a bunch of Kinect+Unity and iOS development.

Put It Away

An iPad app that teaches kids (particularly for kids with autism) how to clean a room. Originally created as a final project for CS193P at Stanford.

Bible Tidbits

Personal web tool for creating notes (or tidbits) associated with one or more Bible passages. Developed using Django, HTML5 elements, and jquery.

NT Greek Vocabulary

Flash cards for New Testament Greek vocabulary terms. Developed using Django, HTML5 elements, and jquery.

Personal Website

My first PHP/MySQL driven website, which served as a comprehensive personal site and extended resume.